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Ickle Peeps
Colorful Clipart

Conditions of Use

Hello and welcome to Icklepeeps.

I guess you are here, because you would like to use our graphics to make a creative project of your own, and you are more than welcome to do so, but before you do, please take a look at our conditions.
Once you have read them, you are more than welcome to contact us with any questions you might have, or have a look at our FAQ :)

Artwork for personal and commercial use:

The graphics can NEVER be re-distributed as the original image.
These graphics must be incorporated into something new that you've created yourself. 
The finished product should be merged/flattened, so that the original image cannot be removed.
You may not use our original graphics in any online collections, CD ROM's, sold or distributed in any way.

The graphics can be resized and cropped, but can not be recolored.

No mass production allowed, without a written agreement.

The images can only be used in scrapbooks if they are heavily modified beforehand. This can be something like merging them with other images, adding them to a frame and flattening them or making a scene from them. Basically creating something that alters them from their original format and prevents them being extracted.

Credit for use of the original artwork should always be given to the artist in question i.e:

Original artwork by Steve Ebdon or Original artwork by

Original artwork by Znowflake/ Colorful Clipart or Icklepops

If you do not wish to add the following to your website or product, then please do not use the graphics.

What all of this mean is basically that you can make whatever you want, as long as you create something new and give credit,but feel free to contact us if in doubt. 

Steve & Znowflake