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Welcome to the Icklepedia.

From here you can learn about all the Peeps featured throughout the site and even discover a few which may not, as yet been added.

read about their habbits and habitats, whether they are benevolent, mischievous or purely malicious and see which have ties to the same family tree.

If you like what you see, you can link directly to the store through that particular character's entry page.  If it's not available for purchase, don't worry you can put in a request to have the character featured in the future as a new set or single.

You can even request something that isn't currently listed on the site. If it fits the theme then I'll try my best to add them in the near future.



Absinthe Fairy
A mystical green fae, said to hide within the very drink itself

Spritual beings of immense beauty andpower

Ugly, unpleasant little creatures, which can be found in peat bogs.

Angry little folk that will make your happy home a living nightmare

Helpful household fairies, but woe betide those who get on their bad side.

Playful, winged beings, often associated with love and emotions.

Christmas Elf
Tiny folk, known to work alongside Santa in preparation for Christmas day.

Small, nocturnal creatures, drawn to moonlight

Mystical forest folk, spiritually bound to the trees

Mountain dwelling folk, renowned for their fierceness in battle.

Playful forest folk with a love of wine, song and dance

One of the smaller goblinoid breeds with a gift for camouflage

Flower Fairy
Tiny fairy folk whom bind and mimic themsleves to the surrounding flora

Frost Gnome
Gnomish folk whom dwell in the frozen north

Garden Goblin
A species of goblin, that can be found at the bottom of gardens

Subterranian folk whom act as guardians of the forest

Goblin Chieftain
A high ranking goblin leader with the cunning to back it up

Goblin Minion
These are known for their resourcefulness and tracking abilities.

Dark, magical creatures, that dwell in bogs and lakes.

High Elf
Powerful Elven folk that reside in the mountainous regions to the north.

Large, dim witted cousins of the goblins with extremely short tempers.

Mystical and magical creatures often summoned to aid the likes of witches.

Small, friendly folk that occupy mineshafts, warning miners of cave-ins

Dog-like, subterranian creatures that live in caves and abandonned mines.

Knee high folk from Ireland, whom enjoy outsmarting humans.

Aquatic beings with the upper body of a woman and lower of a fish.

Night Gnome
Evil, child hating minions of the woodland witch 'Skygge Mor'.

Gnome-like little folk from Scandenavia, whom live in farmsteads.

Small, mischievous, woodland creatures with a love of song and play.

Red Cap
A vicious breed of goblin that is found in the ruins of old castles.

An evil shadow witch whom lives deep in the forest.

The Artist
A rather hansome, god-like creature with the power to create entire worlds.

Tooth Fairy
A secretive, nocturnal fairy that trades childrens teeth for currency.

Tree Fairy
Tiny child-like creatures that protect the trees of the forest.

Large, brutish beasts of low intelligence that will eat just about anything.

A short, ugly creature with a great fondness of music.

Water Nymph
Minor nature deities, that are connected to a particular body of water.

Will o' the wisp
Unpleasant little sprites, that like to mislead travellers into becoming lost.

Woodland Elf
Eldest of the elven races, whom live in symbiosis with the woodlands.

Wood Gnome
Kind hearted little folk, whom work tirelessly maintaining the forests.

Wood Goblin
The most common breed of goblin and natural enemy of the Gnomes.